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Sister Parishes in Haiti and Wisconsin

The Tri-Parish of St. Pius, St. Anthony and St. Mary Catholic churches twinned with the Parish of Ste. Genevieve in Zoranje Haiti in 2004 much has been accomplished to improve these faith-filled people in the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.

 Video of 2019 Trip 

The building of a clinic, the first health care this village has ever had, was a tremendous step forward. The people refer to it as the Community Center and so it is. The two nurses, Leonia and Martine provide emergency care, ongoing diabetes care, prenatal checkups and whatever health problems the people present them with. The clinic really came to life when our parishes provided dental clinics where over 400 teeth were pulled in two days. Goats were given away, blood pressures checked and photos from previous years missions displayed for the people to take as their own (a big hit).

Goats were given away

Over the years many things have been tried...


They love, love, love them.

Beanie Babies...

Frightened the little ones who had never seen stuffed animals, but beloved by the teens.

Soccer uniforms...

Collected from a high school in Florida and worn with pride in Haiti.


Dresses, hand made by the women of our parishes, will be seen in Zoranje for years to come.

Visiting schools is an annual delight. Everything from teaching the Heimlich maneuver to making  snowballs to throw in the classroom and teaching songs that we would hear children singing the next year.

There is a long list of accomplishments for which our parishes are responsible, and each of them increased the health and welfare of the people of Zoranje.

What a joy this project is for everyone involved on the giving end as well the receiving end. The generosity of our parish community is so very appreciated and you are prayed for eveyday in a village in the mountains of Haiti.

Tri-Parish Cluster of Catholic Churches of St. Pius, St. Mary and St. Anthony
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