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Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS)

Catechesis of the  Good Shepherd
The Atrium

Why is it called “Atrium” anyway? The word “atrium” actually means “portico, or porch entrance to a large house.” The Atrium was a term given to this space by Maria Montessori. It was chosen because in the ancient church, the atrium was a gathering space between the Church Proper and the street. It was the place where the catechumens, those preparing for initiation to the Church, would receive instruction. The Atrium has a similar purpose for our children, as it is a place to help them enter into full, conscious and active participation in the liturgical and communal life of the Church. To learn more about the Atrium or to schedule a tour, contact :

Jodi  Cosgrove, 715-378-4431 ext. 3

Introduction to the Atrium

Read these Parent Pages to learn all about the Atrium and the activities that take place during an Atrium session.

Atrium Ponderings


This week the Level 3 children broaden their pondering of the Mass by looking at each prayer as a pearl which makes up the one greatest prayer, or pearl necklace, of the Mass. Then they look more closely at each of the four sections of the Mass placing each of the prayers in their proper order and even copying them to make their own complete Missal of the Mass.

We pray that each presentation received and each free choice of work related to the Mass, leads each of the children (and each of us adults who work with them) to a more "full, conscious, and active

participation in liturgical celebrations

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