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From the Desk of Fr. Louis

July 14,2024

Accepting Ourselves

The great secret of all spiritual fruitfulness and growth is learning to let God act in our lives. “Apart from Me, you can do nothing” John 15/5. Without God’s help, we are helpless however strong we are. And with God everything is possible. God’s love is infinitely more powerful than anything we can do by our own wisdom or our strength. Yet one of the most essential conditions for God’s grace to act in our lives is saying “YES” to what we are and to the situation in which we find ourselves. From there we need to approach God in trust.

What often blocks the action of God’s grace in our lives is less of our sins or failings, than it is our failure to accept our own weakness. God would never act unless we freely cooperate by accepting ourselves as we are. Similarly, if we don’t accept others as they are, we are not allowing God to act positively on our relationships and situations. There may be failures, defects and odd situations in our lives. May be sometimes without our faults we suffer, but still, we need to accept others with joy and offer them for the purification of our lives. Then God would bless us beyond our expectation. God knows how to bring good out of evil. Everything is in His control. When there is failure or success, know that God is teaching something, pay attention to it.

July 6,2024

I come to you the people the cluster parishes of St. Pius X – Solon Springs; St. Anthony of Padua - Gordan; and St. Mary - Minong with joy and happiness as your priest to be with you and to work along with you. We are all coworkers and me as a priest leading everyone to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. I am sure of your cooperation with me in this journey towards God as one body. I invite every visitor to be a part of our journey and our cluster parish. Visitors are our support and strength and they are unseen God. Everyone is welcome to the house of God, to be the part of our cluster parish.

Finding Joy in Life

We seek joy and happiness through the fulfillment of our desires. We do not want those things that bring sorrow in the beginning or at the end. When you favor happiness from short lasting pleasures like eating, smelling, hearing, touching, seeing, that happiness and joy lasts only as long as the sensation of taste, smell, hearing, touching and seeing last or until the mind becomes bored with a sensation and is tempted by new stimulus. No one desires transitory joy that leaves sorrow. Only the unchangeable joy found in God through regular meditation and prayer can quench our thirst for joy.

The ‘evil’ promises transitory happiness and gives sorrow at the end but the ‘goodness’ seems to offer sorrow by its requisite of discipline and will power, but will surely give lasting joy at the end. When you find God in meditation and prayer, you don’t need anything. In this joy, you will have everything you ever sought. So, do not seek fulfillment through material medium but seek unconditional, indestructible Joy – God within you by way of meditation and prayer. Do not forget that God is always in you with His mercy and grace even before you fall to lead you in to Himself because you are the child of God.

Fr. Louis Maram Reddy

Submitted Pieces and Reflections

Angels on Our Shoulders

In partnership with Faith in Action this group of volunteers offers a multitude of services for our community. Grocery Grabbers will pick up your grocery order from Henson's County Foods and deliver to your doorstep. Books With Wings will deliver books you check out from the Minong Area Library,  Look at their brochure below and take advantage of their many services. If you would like to volunteer with the group the please contact Louis Columbus at 224-578-2537. Further information is on the brochure. 

Print the inside of the brochure                                              Print the outside of the brochure     

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AOS brochure OUTSIDE FINAL.jpg
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