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From the desk of Fr. Bala

Strengthen Your Faith

There is a movie called The Seventh Seal. In one scene death takes the form of a human and appears to a Knight. A conversation follows in which the Knight talks to Death about God. The conversation goes something like this:

Knight:            Why does God hide himself? Why doesn’t he reveal himself? Why doesn’t      God stretch out his hand and touch                                   us? Why doesn’t he, at least, say something to us?

Death:             But God doesn’t do this, does he? He doesn’t reach us. He doesn’t speak. He just remains silent.

Knight:            That’s right! He doesn’t do a thing. He doesn’t touch us. He doesn’t speak to us. Sometimes I wonder if he’s really                                   out there.

Death:             Well, maybe he’s not there. Maybe no one is out there. Maybe we are here all alone. Did you ever think about that?

                          All of us can relate to that conversation. There are times when we seem to be all alone in the world. There are                                        times when we wonder if God is really out there. We long for some sign, some touch, and some word to reassure                                  us  that he is really there.

 This raises a question. Is there any way we can become more sue of what we believe? Is there anything we can do to make out our faith stronger? The answer to that question is yes. There’s definitely something we can do to strengthen our faith. There is something very practical we can do.

We all know that if we don’t use a muscle, it begins to weaken. In fact, it can become so weak that it will begin to atrophy or die.

Something like that can happen to our faith. If we don’t exercise our faith, it too can grow weak. In fact, it can become so weak that for all practical purpose it dies. Therefore, one very practical way to strength our faith is to exercise it and live it.

            An example will illustrate.... continues in the next Bulletin.

Submitted Pieces and Reflections

Angels on Our Shoulders

In partnership with Faith in Action this group of volunteers offers a multitude of services for our community. Grocery Grabbers will pick up your grocery order from Henson's County Foods and deliver to your doorstep. Books With Wings will deliver books you check out from the Minong Area Library,  Look at their brochure below and take advantage of their many services. If you would like to volunteer with the group the please contact Louis Columbus at 224-578-2537. Further information is on the brochure. 

Print the inside of the brochure                                              Print the outside of the brochure     

AOS brochure INSIDE FINAL.jpg
AOS brochure OUTSIDE FINAL.jpg
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