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Thacher's Story


Prologue from the book:


Thacher Den Hartog lived in Minong, WI with his family. He attended Northwood School where he had many friends. He loved dinosaurs and story telling and had an amazing imagination. He enjoyed playing sports, eating flaming hot Cheetos, and was passionate about fairness and doing the right thing.

Thacher wrote this fable for his language arts class in school . He was very proud of the massage in his story and printed off many copies to distribute to his favorite teachers. Thach was adamant that one day he would publish his story into a real book.


Publish posthumously in honor and in loving memory of our friend and student Thacher 


To read his book click on "Forbidden Friends"  by Thacher DenHartog

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Hey Kids!

Today is the nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time but we also celebrate the feast of St. Dominic, whose ideal was to "speak only OF God With God."  No foolish talk of God!  Are you careful how YOU use God's name?  Sometimes today we hear people in movies or on TV use God's name in a way that is NOT holy--- and isn't that a shame?  Why don't you start a Family "Holy Name" Society and ask all your family---and friends too-- to promise that EVERY time they use God's name they will say it with love and reverence.  Wouldn't Jesus just love for us to talk about HIS FATHER in a loving manner?

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