Catholic Council of Women and Men

Tri-Parish of St. Pius, St. Anthony, and St. Mary's


Constitution: ARTICLE III


Section I: The purpose of this organization shall be to foster spiritual and social benefits among the members of the Tri-Parishes. Members shall strive to set a good example to all by their virtuous life, ideal devotion and constant charity. They shall endeavor to take an active part in Catholic Action whenever called upon to do so whether individually or as an organization.

Section II: This organization shall undertake ways and means of helping the church financially with the consent of and the direction of the Pastor.


Section III: This organization shall continue the custom of providing a luncheon at the time of a funeral. Members will help at all Tri-Parish funerals.

CCW&M Membership Renewals

It's time to renew (or join) our Tri-Parish CCW & M. We all are members and our $10 membership fee will help with the many projects and fund raisers at all three parishes. Your time and talents are welcome! Please consider participating in any of the following committees:

  • Funeral

  • Communication/Directory

  • Ecumenical

  • Welcome

  • Outreach

  • Middle River

Please let Sharon Monahan, 715-376-2787, or Milly Thissen, 612-670-8541, , CCW&M co-presidents know if you have any questions or concerns relating to this information.

Please place in an envelope your membership dues and information including your name, address, phone number, email address and the name of your specific church within the tri-parish cluster. Drop  the envelope in the church collection or mail it to:

St. Pius Church

PO Box 303

Solon Springs, WI 54873

CCW&M Craft & Pie Sales

Mark your calendars for the 2021 CCW&M Craft & Bake Sale
Friday, Sep. 3, 2021 at Henson's Country Foods in Minong


CCW&M take advantage of Craft & Pie Sale in Superior on April 13 picture: Mary Brand secured us two tables at this Superior Middle School craft show.  We took in $305.50 for CCW-M, $49 for the pie raffle, and Mary invited all vendors to join us at St. Mary's Church parking lot for the Community Garage sale (fee of $10 which is CCW-M).


Twelve Pies for sale April 19th with 16 pies already sold.

Bakers Mary Brand, Betty Glaser, Sharon Monahan, and Milly Thissen baked 28 pies which sold within three hours in the foyer of Henson's grocery store.  $479 funds for the pie raffle which will be for St. Mary's Church roof replacement.

Bag Ladies
'Fly' through your shopping!
'Fly' through your shopping!
Go Green bags ready for St. Pius
Go Green bags ready for St. Pius

The amazing women of the CCW&M responded to a request to create reusable shopping bags and as usual they outdid themselves. Combined they made 136 bags that are being distributed in each of the tri-parish churches. They plan to continue their sewing (and crocheting) to make sure they have a sufficient supply when the "snowbirds" return in the spring.