Please welcome the new co-presidents of the CCW&M. Elected at the Nov. 4th meeting were:

Megan Trautman,, 816-273-9739 and

Emily Stegmann,, 209-969-2056

Many thanks to the outgoing co-presidents, Milly Thissen and Sharon Monahan who saw the group through 4 years of growth and a pandemic. They will continue to oversee the fund raising efforts that have so successfully kept the CCW&M charity efforts fully funded. Milly refers to their role as "fun raising"!

Be sure to check out the Events page for news on upcoming fun-raising happenings in our tri-parish.

News from Marjorie

Marjorie is the child from Guatemala that is sponsored by the CCW&M. Click below to read her latest letter. She is so thankful to all of you for your support.


Marjorie's Letter in English    Marjorie's Original Letter

Update from Megan Trautman - Co-president of the CCW&M - Jan. 11, 2022

Hi there! 

Attached are the minutes from our January 11th CCWM meeting. There is a lot of important information and upcoming events you will want to read. Feel free to forward to anyone in the area as well that would benefit from the information!


I have also attached the calendar of events again, and added a few dates from the previous emails that you will see in the minutes from our meeting.


We have a lot of exciting fellowship opportunities coming up, and we could use volunteers. I have attached a hard copy of the sheet you can print and hand in, there will be some copies available at church, or below is the link to fill out the form digitally to let us know if and when you would like to volunteer to help. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! 



Please see the Synod information in the minutes, this is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and get your thoughts and opinions heard. Dates and times are in the minutes. For more information on the Synod, see the link in the minutes and I have attached the Synod Handbook which details the questions and timeline of the day's event.


We have reorganized and renamed some of the CCWM committees, and therefore are asking anyone who would like to be a lead or member of a specific CCWM committee to please let me know via email. I have attached the copy of the committee sign up sheet so that you can see the committees and some of the activities they are in charge of. Attendees of the January 11th meeting have signed up already, so you will only see those names on the list right now. If you would be wonderful enough to volunteer for a committee, please just email me which committee(s) you would like to be on and whether you would like to be a lead or a member (committees can have more than one lead, so if you already see a name there, do not hesitate). 


As always email me at with any questions or concerns as well as Emily Stegmann at


We thank you for your continuing support and tireless service!

Valentine Card Caper

After the January CCW&M meeting everyone joined in the fun making Valentines cards to be given to the residents at Aspen Health Care (Middle River). It was a little chilly in the basement of St. Pius so coats were required for the activity!


123_1 (1).JPEG
Valentine cards January 2022.jpg