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St. Pius X Church.JPG

St. Pius X Catholic Church

11651 Bus. Hwy. 53

Solon Springs, WI

St Mary's 2.JPG

St. Mary Catholic Church

506 Main Street

Minong, WI

St. Anthony Catholic Church

9718 Co. Rd. Y

Gordon, WI

Tri-parish Office

PO Box 303

11651 Bus. Hwy. 53

Solon Springs, WI 54873


Mass Schedule

Tuesday: 5 pm - St. Pius X (Solon Springs)

Wednesday: 9:00 am - St. Mary (Minong)

Thursday: 9:00 am - St. Anthony (Gordon)

Friday: 8:00 am- St. Pius X (Solon Springs)

            10:00 am - Aspen Health

Saturday: 4:00 pm St. Anthony (Gordon) 

                5:30 pm St. Pius X (Solon Springs)    

Sunday: 8:30 am St. Pius X (Solon Springs)

             10:30 am St. Mary (Minong)

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Confessions will be heard 30 minutes before each mass except for the 10:30 am Sunday mass at St. Mary, when it will be after mass.


Mass Intentions:

St. Anthony

June 3  Dolly Cosgrove

June 8 Dolly Cosgrove


St. Pius X

June 4 Spiritual and Temporal welfare of all parishioners. 

St. Mary's,

June 4   AJ (Archie) Stigney

eucharistic procession.jfif

Come and walk with Me

Corpus Christi   

Sunday, June 11

Eucharistic Procession

There will be a Eucharistic Procession following the 10:30 am Mass at St. Mary’s on Sunday,

June 11.

Our diocese has encouraged us to continue this tradition on the feast of Corpus Christi.

“Our gratitude is also expressed in our worship of the Blessed Sacrament outside of Mass”

(The Mystery, 33)

Parish Events

CCWM Membership

It's time to renew (or sign-up) for the Annual CCWM Membership.

There are registration forms in the back of church or if you would like to print a form 

click here and mail or drop off in the basket at the back of church.

What's New in Our Churches

  • A regular new feature in the weekly bulletin and on this website is a column written by
    Fr. Bala. It is located on the Parishioners Page.

  • Keep up with the current Events by checking out the Events page often:





If you have anything to share please be sure to send it to Pictures are especially welcome. Also, be sure to ‘refresh’ the website page often to ensure that you are viewing the most current information.

Also, remember to check out the tri-parish on Facebook 

Electronic Giving

Make it easier to continue your giving especially during these times by choosing to enroll in electronic giving. Information and forms can be found at:

Support our Advertisers

The revenue from the businesses that advertise on the back page of the bulletin pays for the printing of the weekly bulletin. Please support these businesses.

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