St. Pius X Catholic Church

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St. Mary Catholic Church

506 Main Street

Minong, WI

St. Anthony Catholic Church

9718 Co. Rd. Y

Gordon, WI

Tri-parish Office

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Sacrament of Reconciliation

By appointment, call Fr. Kinney, 715-378-4431 ext.4

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Mass Schedule as of 7/26/21

Live streamed masses: Facebook and website.

Sunday: 12:30 pm

In person masses

Tuesday: 9 am - St. Pius (Solon Springs)

Wednesday: 9 am - St. Mary (Minong)

Thursday: 9 am - St. Anthony (Gordon)

Friday: 9 am - St. Pius (Solon Springs)

Saturday: 4 pm - St. Anthony (Gordon)

                5:30 pm  -  St. Mary (Minong)


Sunday:  8:30 am - St. Pius (Solon Springs)

              10:30 am - St. Mary (Minong)

Tri-parish Communications Editor

The tri-parish is beginning a search for a media communications editor. Responsibilities include publication of weekly bulletin, maintenance of tri-parish website and social media posts. Requires  Microsoft Publisher and website authoring skills. Contact the office for further information and to apply. Click here to view a job description.

715-378-4431, ext. 2 or 3 or 4

Funeral Notices

  • Henrietta Nelson - Saturday, 8/21 - St. Mary, 10 am visitation, 11 am mass. No interment.

  • Terry Turek - Saturday, 8/28 - St. Mary,
    10 am visitation, 11 am mass. No interment, luncheon follows mass at the church.

There is always something going on at our Tri-Parishes

  • A message from Fr. Frank Rouleau about our sister parish in Haiti:

This is what I have gleamed from people in and out of Haitii about the assassination of Haitian President Jovenal Moïse yesterday, 06 July and its aftereffects.

1) There were 26 mercenaries that took part in the raid on the personal residence of the President near Petionville yesterday morning about 1 am. Mr Moïse sufered sixteen wounds to the chest and head. Seven of the mercenaries have been killed by Police in a firefight, six suspects have been arrested, the Police are searching for more suspects. Apparently  two of the mercenaries were Haitian American.

2) Madame Martine Moïse was severely wounded. She has been transported to a hospital in Miami, FL. She is in critical, but stable condition. She is expected to survive.

3) The President’s children were home during this attack.

4) Former Prime Minister Claude Joseph is Acting president with Dr Ariel Henry as Prime Minister.

5) Flights in and out of Haiti are prohibited for the next 15 days as the Government declared a “State of Siege”, level above “State of Emergency”.

6) People are venturing out into the streets again today and businesses are slowly reopening. Many people are still sheltering in place.

7) Several reports of turmoil and violence in the streets of Port au Prince and surrounding areas.

8) There have been a lot of people angry with Mr Moïse. He failed to call elections two years ago, thus there is no Legislature in place. He has been ruling by Decree for the last eighteen months which many felt was Unconstitutional.

9) The fact that there is not a lot of Governmental structure in place leaves the country more vulnerable. Gangs have been terrorizing the country over the last two years.

10) The Hurricane season is just beginning.

11) The people are the ones paying the price for all of the political discord in the land: inflation, food shortage, gasoline shortage, and the Coronavirus which has recently hit the country hard. There is still no vaccine in the country.

Let us keep the safety of our sisters and brothers in Haiti in our prayers. Let pray also for a change of hearts there, that hatred and violence may be changed into love and harmony in our beloved Haiti.

Notre Dame de Pèpetual Sèkou, priye pou Ayiti. (Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for Haiti). The Haitian people honor Our Blessed Mother, under this title, as Patroness of their country.


Fr Frank Rouleau

  • Parish Council Member Needed

    • St. Mary and St. Anthony are each seeking a candidate to serve on the tri-parish council. The Council meets on a monthly basis currently virtually on a Zoom meeting. This person represents their individual parish in the needs and direction of the church. If you would like to volunteer for this position or would want to nominate an individual please notify Fr. Kinney either in person or via email @

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